“Rock High Priest”

“Rock High Priest”
Get tan
Oh yeah I can feel it in here
Let the children come
From the bottom of my heart
I know you wanna dance
We won’t let anything stop us now
This is a life where we dance
Up and down
Left and right
Moving around
God encourages to get hyphy
Yeah we get hyphy
You know we get hyphy heah
Oh my gosh your cramping up
Lemme see you drop
Lemme see you drop
The atmospheric pressure gauge
Cuz it’s driving us all crazy
Yes, I plead with you now
Let all the children come to Jesus
All the new kids. All the scene kids
Haha let’s go
Let’s get it started in here, a bit stuffy
But not at all funny just
cramping up the future of our scene
Getting saved at all

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