“Beethoven Masssacre”

“Beethoven Masssacre”
Take me down to the river
Bury me deep so my body can’t be found
Take me down to the water’s edge
Let me take a drink with your sweet words let me drown
(strong hands hold me down)
I drank an ocean of fire right before i came to talk to you
My voice burned up in the flames
Now i can’t even muster a word to speak my own name
Please forgive me for the things i’ve done
I never meant to hurt you. May i marry your son?
I found true love, baptised in the water of a life and a past undone
Oh God, let me rest in peace and i leave my body for the worms to eat
I don’t need warm blood flowin through my veins
Send your fire, send your fire, burn up all that remains
I found true love under water
Tell me what you’re all about

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