“That Scorpion Is Giving The World A High Five”

hiimyourmom - that scorpion is giving the world a high five smsm

[Kirby Scudder]
“You know, the thing is: I don’t know if you guys know shit about how
markets work;
You guys are all gonna become famous”

[Zigzag Robinson]

This was my dream
And I added a scorpion
Then I added a scorpion

[Kirby Scudder]


[Zigzag Robinson]
Keep it 100, break out the lumber
And pack the Pyrex
Sit back in slumber while my batch tugs me off
In her mom’s lex
Oh, what a mouth she’s got
Four franklins for lunch on the wharf
Hit the court for sport
Churpin triplets on them dorks

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