“Fury And The Figeroas”

“Fury And The Figeroas”

This seems like a tradgedy on tv
Cept a reality based version
The perversion that consumes the masses
Deal or no deal
Capitalist static consumes the lighter side of human life
Another baby dies
Another mother cries
Another mask to cover and smother our voice
Watch us rejoice
Hoist us to a new level
Cutting out the middle man
As if Hell didn’t have a plan..

I light verses on fire
Flamin words
I’m tryna flip mad chickens
Angry Birds
Why you f*ckin complainin
You need to stop bitchin
We been cookin some knock sh*t in a Slop kitchen
I’m thinkin I’m bout to clock grip
My palms itchin
I’m not trippin, I drop hits, the plot thickens
Sasquatch pimpin, I hop off limpin
My product’s shippin, so don’t snitch
That’s not the business
Filthy ass club bitches
Too much makeup
I ain’t fuckin with the hoe
Unless she get my cake up
Homie betta handcuff ya bitch
Need to wake up
When I’m on the mic it’s like the date rape drug
You not cool, you got schooled, You got schooled
You not cool
My ghetto lyrics bust heads with a rock edge
And Ima bad mutha fucka
Nuff said

My ghetto lyrics bust heads with a rock edge
And Ima bad mutha fucka
Nuff said

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