“Moe (ft. Angeline Bentley & Volly Volatile)”

“Moe (ft. Angeline Bentley & Volly Volatile)”

I want something beautiful, More

u hate on all the little things ‘my shorts wet’
the pool cannot be blamed just for your whole dress
music tyrants are the best at being tyrants
my good is only good as good as good gets
gets boring. and the best story. this place has told me.
a cliche that could tame my lion forty mornings
and fifty Tori Amos looks kinda boring
until she married me and took my whole wardrobe

I want something beautiful
I want something beautiful, More

a million things i want seen by all the critiques
i let you blink once fearing that you’re gonna miss it
i just let go and let god take all the credit
just forget it. unless you’ll take my press kit
But they’re like ”Tell it to the tubby as he Baskin robs”
Tell it to my Rywanda, the goblin god
Cause I’m feelin like a little kid on pop rocks
I just need a friend that rocks as hard as beats box

I want something beautiful, More

I sit with Santa Claus and Satan as they puff pass
I told him all my secrets he wants my autograph
jump in the super truck Los Angeles we cruise past
the leather seats reminded me the wishes id had
a girl is not the only thing i want a mustache
elves and ogres always want the thing they cant have
this house is haunted with the Christmas ghost of my past
and white trash . (here i go)

Fair got, Fair got these chains that bind me
Salud, Salud they stay behind me

More, I want something beautiful, More

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