“Aroma Aurora Borealis (ft. Thisiswhyidothis)”

“Aroma Aurora Borealis (ft. Thisiswhyidothis)”

[Lonnie Zuniga]

Give me your brain
Give me your brain


Yeah, I try looking better at things
I like looking better than me
I try taking all of my dreams
Blend em 1, 2, 3 tell me what do you see?
I see God in the middle of the.. table
Judas to his left signed to a record label
At times I’m a little scary
My life very bitter berries
But it tastes like a rose
If you put the red pedal to the metal then you eat the leaves
Tell me what you hate the least..
The song or just plain ole me?
The fact you’re nerd spend minutes on a word for me
Causes irony
I know someday your brain won’t have enough to handle her
For now go kiss your brown way up the corporate ladeller (ladder)
The map says here you’ll find a ghost or something white at first
White as a crystal ball or something small then rhymes a word
It’s me

Give me your brain
Give me your brain

[Isaiah Zuniga]

Man, you think you know me

Go throw a Frisbee, freak
But on the low d
You still an ugly freak
You think you’re famous?
(Laugh) Man, you’re killing me

Nobody’s payin’ you

Nobody’s listenin’

Cause I’ve been down Mosco road
And every girl knows where I’m fro (from)
But I ain’t got a fro

[Lonnie Zuniga]

I try so hard to be everybody
But I found I could only be me
One life to live and give
One time to die and live
Don’t make it complicated
Don’t hate it
Just embrace yourself and be
Who you is, nothing more, nothing less
Try you’re best to strive in a world
Full of death and lies
Only you can get you through this life
Do you believe the hype?
Don’t believe the hype

Give me your brain
Give me your brain

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