“Feed Me To The Predicate”

“Feed Me To The Predicate”

Nobody truly knows who they’re looking at when they look in the mirror The meaning of life is finding the right river to wash your mirror in So as to see yourself clearer Finding out who you really are and where in life you truly belong

I choose my life like a pre drawn tattoo on the wall

Parents determine my religion

I do what friends do, in confidence My future, they decide

I need all the same hair and clothing or i would die

My life has been full of stuffing Lead by packers of nothing Stores were made for my money In this world I am one thing An adult in a onesie Going to college for funsie Friends and family are loving I am normal and that’s saying something The consumer is asked for credit or debit in this bitch (Bitch) I’m still finding a meaning to my life

Get that maney Get that money Get that paper My grandma’s an ox, So i can celebrate the rapist You are the average American socialite (Yeah, yeah) You are the average American socialite Money is the root of all your motivation Motive is the root to get your paid vacation

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