Vantana Row : Season 1

Jamey and Volly experience an existential crisis in 2015 while living at Grandma’s, in the town where they originally met: Antioch, California.

Vantana Row : Season 1 : Episode 1
“God Begins On Me Cool-Ass”
Volly and Jamey find themselves fighting on thier way to the bowling alley.

Vantana Row : Season 1 : Episode 2
“Buck’s Weve Rece”
After work, Volly and Jamey make another attempt at buying a videogame.

Vantana Row : Season 1 : Episode 3
“Lostinez Martinez”
A trip to a Martinez hospital gets confusing.

Vantana Row : Season 1 : Episode 4
Jamey and Stephh drive to pick up Volly from work. On the way to pick up another friend, the gang discovers a mantra worth spreading to the world.



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Cool-Ass things in Episode 1 of Season 1
in chronological order:

Cool-Ass things in this episode
in chronological order:

Metallica “Am I Evil?” (King Diamond cover)
Delta Bowl (Antioch, CA)
Moth Child “Mother 666”
New Oriental Buffet (Antioch, CA)
Vantna Row “American Wearing Hawaiian Shirt”
Vantana Row “Fresh Nuggets”
Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64)


Cool-Ass things in Episode 2 of Season 1
in chronological order:

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Bun B & Trae The Truth
Napoleon Hill
Buck Stallion’s Liquor Emporium (Santa Cruz, CA)
Gangster Gma (Linda Cammarota From Facebook)
Reformat The Planet (documentary)
Vantana Row’s Church & Mental State album
Big Lots in Antioch, CA
Steeltown Coffe & Tea (Pittsburg, CA)
Tame Impala’s Lonerism album
4JAYS Video Games (Antioch, CA)
10 Bricks (mixtape) by Young Buck
Wave Race 64
7-Eleven (next to In N Out in Antioch CA)
The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
“HOWUFEE” by Vantana Row
James & Liz’s House
Magic: The Gathering
County East Mall (Antioch, CA)
Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water
Bizi Food Store (Antioch, CA)
In N Out (Pittsburg, CA)
The Stork Club (Oakland, CA)
Dead Recipe (band)
Telepathic Birds (band)
Mrs. Rage (band)
Moth Child (band)



Cool-Ass things in Episode 3 of Season 1
in chronological order
Cool-Ass Things In This Episode:

Glue Emcee From The World Famous Pool Boyz
“I’d Ratherz Be In Thine Ocean Zand-It” (great song)
Is Jamey Blaze a sloth?
“A Month Of Sunshine” Off of Vantana Row 3
City Of Anti-Heroes, Starring Volly Terry
Lonnie Zuniga
Yung Daplord
Blake Zuniga
Isaiah Zuniga
Austin Zuniga
“Bellz”from Yung Water Dragon
Claudia Sue
“I’m Your Real Momma” by Volly Volatile
Kaiser Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA
“Justadoor” off Vantana Row 2
Leeky Bodgey (brother of Ree On Tha Beat)
Suzy Velvet from Draggin Suzy
Laura Bowers from Facebook
“Money Right” by Young Buck
Martinez, California
“Pennyvision” by Volly Volatile
Independence Day, starring Will Smith
“I’m Your Real Momma” by Volly Volatile
Trapunk (musical genre)


Episode 4 of Season 1:

The apartment visited in this episode was the
Antioch, California living space of
Jamey (then-age 6), Stephh (then-age 5)
and their mother, Suzy in the year of 1995.
At that time, Suzy had recently regained legal
custody of them after a year-long battle
in court with their grandmother
living in St George, Utah.

Jamey and Stephh had not visited this
apartment since moving out in the year 1996.
The current year is 2015.


Leeky Bodgey (rapper)
Honey Badger Latte (Steeltown Coffee & Tea)
Hiimwaterdragon’s “93, A Great Year”
“Pies For Pretty Eyes (feat. Elijah Lang & Stephen Rezza)”
Vantana Row 2 (album)
Rasta OG (rapper)

*All things have been listed in chronological order of appearance
*All things are ggogle-able as well as cool-ass






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