Wtf is Twfpbz? Do we capitalize all the letters? Do we punctuate: T.W.F.P.B.Z. ?

Sounds like a code, a cryptic message.

“Bar tender! Ay, Barbie!…. Yeah, I’ll get a serial number, HOLD THE NUMBERS!”

The blonde woman behind the bar holds no hesitation or facial evidence of her tolerance for his horrible taste in drinks as she hands him a warm can of TWFPBZ.

Who would come up with such an unmemorable acronym? Well, probably someone who isn’t aware of the existence of the word, ‘acronym’.


Before Hiimwaterdragon:



Cue Hiimwaterdragon before colab:



Cue music



OH! So it stands for The World Famous Pool Boyz!


T (The)

W (World)

F (Famous)

P (Pool)

B (Boyz)

Why ‘Z’?….. “Boyz”!?

The ‘z’ is for the END of a word?!




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