The Yung Platinum (SEASON 1 HERE!)

So, what do I really have to say about The Yung Platinum: “It’s not spelt: The Young Platinum”? “You can’t find it on the internet”?

You’re in a rare category if you have found this page within this site. Yes, it isn’t hard to click on once you’ve arrived upon this website, but for some reason the name, The Yung Platinum has a strong repelling quality to it.

The Yung Platinum was created and conceived by Stephh (@TommyCliche), Volly Blaze and Jamey Blaze as a band in late 2014 (fall to winter). Starting out as a living room jam-session at the Yorkshire Zebra Mountain House, the three started to brainstorm skit ideas to go into videos for the band. The video aspect of the band became the focus very quickly due to it being something that the three hadn’t done as often as merely starting a band. The Yung Platinum became more of a fictional documentary-comedy about the three, while containing many unrehearsed moments and real-life references to their past musical projects, etc.

The Yorkshire Zebra Mountain House was the primary meeting spot, studio, video & photo shooting location for the band, Zebra Mountain from the summer of 2009 to beginning of 2011

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