Mrs Rage

Mrs Rage was a band that sprouted from the twisted love between two people, attempting to continue a movement ending immediately before their beginning. Singer, Volly Terry and her paramour, Jamey Blaze would start a band with their best friends. Volly’s sister, Hannah would initially be a known singer in the band but didn’t mesh due to life circumstances at the time. “I hope You Know You Know” from Mrs Rage’s first album features Hannah singing throughout the song; That is the sum of Hannah’s appearance in Mrs Rage.

Mrs Rage was composed of the branch from the 2011 roster of Zebra Mountain mixed with Morrie vocalist (Tim Wilson) and Volly Volatile. The year was 2011..

mrs rage tim wilson peter morris holly terry jamey blaze mrs. rage band promo photo

They began recording their first album:

mrs rage mrs. rage band timmothy wilson peter morris jamey blaze holly terry volly volatile advena

Did a music video series for it:

logo mrs rage timmothy wilson pete morris volly volatile holly terry jamey blaze jean mrs.

Released it:

LE Promo handout for The House Of No Sleep EP
LE Promo handout for The House Of No Sleep EP with pictures of band members for utilitarian function at club scenes

Continued to fun it up:

They began writing their second record:

Began recording their second record:

They released their second record:, Buzzed Lightyear

Something happened in Jamey Blaze’s mind as him and Volly filmed for “Don’t Believe What They Say”.
He asked Volly, “Don’t I stand out as a vocalist?”. Desperate for approval he added, “I’m a good frontman, right?” Volly continued to pour encouragement filled with her memories of watching him scream in Zebra Mountain.

At the same time, they were in contact with a new manager, Cade Wolter, whom they had a considerable amount of curiosity for.

There was, at that point, a pivotal moment; Jamey, scared in his destiny of being forgotten as a mere guitarist, ups himself to a front man co-vocalist position in Mrs Rage (along side Volly).

Mrs Rage beings being managed by Cade Wolter. A new photo shoot and a roster change would follow..

action tycoon - jamey blaze, volly volatile, pete morris, marco rivera

They rerecorded their first album (The House Of No Sleep EP) at Jon Lyden’s Lightning Studios in Concord, CA. It wasn’t officially released until later under the title, Feels good

They began rehearsing

One of the most remarkable memories of Mrs. Rage was the capturing of their secret show at the Pirate Bar in Antioch, CA. One night Mrs. Rage had a sudden urge to exhibit their set for any of their friends and fans. They posted on the internet only a few hours before intending to play. They gave the address and said they were to play two hours from when they posted it. A surprising thirty to forty people showed up from the area to see how Mrs. Rage was doing:

Mrs Rage gained inspiration from their chemistry and maturity as a band. Though these songs wouldn’t be released until later, they would be highly regarded by everyone who heard them. The album they began working on would be their most definitive:

Mrs Rage would begin to have identity conflicts, starting with Jamey Blaze. The name Mrs Rage would begin to dissatisfy him, knowing that ‘Mrs’ would always imply that the female (Volly) would always be the main focus in the band. Having two segregated co-vocalists in the band, he would strive for a name that represented the power of a two headed band.

Nostalgia and flashbacks of his experience in past bands with two segregated vocalists would begin to cover his mind’s eye. Mrs Rage would change their name to Action Tycoon, privately. Action Tycoon, a name made between Jamey and his friends in 2007 for a band that had two vocalist screamers. This name, Jamey felt comfortable with carrying on.

This change wouldn’t make it far due their disbanding only a month later.
At this point, Jamey would take the idea of (post-Mrs Rage) Action Tycoon and make it into his own solo project; a name that would go with him whenever he features on a friend’s track, but also is the name of his live band. This is where the confusion for, “Who is Action Tycoon?” would begin and also when Jamey would respell it Act10n Tyc00n to distinguish between the 2011 version and the 2007 band.
Volly would start her solo project at the end of 2011 as well, using her alias Volly Volatile.

jamey blaze, action tycoon . I'm a robot. ACT10N TYC00N

After recasting the live band for Act10n Tyc00n, Jamey played out with them on a record he recorded under the name. A few months into playing out with the name, Jamey would second guess the toughness of the name as a great band name. It wasn’t dark enough. With scrutiny from an old friend about not having the right to use the name along with a claim that Jamey didn’t have any part in coming up with the name, Act10n Tyc00n was changed to GR!M B!ZNESS.
After GR!M B!ZNESS had run it’s course when Jamey and Volly moved to San Jose half a year later, they would split off from each other.

Mrs Rage wouldn’t resurface until January 2013, a month after Jamey got a call from Volly and ended up recording her solo EP as Advena (entitled “What Would You Do?).

Volly had gained some friends in the arena of videography and wanted a reason to make art with them. After the recording process, Volly and Jamey began trying to write something together to have a new song for a music video. This song was The Devil


In January, Jamey and Volly would take the inspiration from their music video and record a very simple record, a new interpretation of Mrs Rage: Jamey on guitar, Volly on vocals, and rare drum/synth programming at Xian Productions in Berkeley, CA (a wood and metal shop). The album would be called Cool Is The Measure

And they released it the very same month (January 2013)

Jamey had plans to move to Los Angeles the next month, where Volly didn’t. With their friendship rekindled, they knew that this wasn’t the end, but merely a tag back and a reminder that Mrs Rage wasn’t dead.

There was an extra song that was recorded at Xian that wasn’t released on Cool Is The Measure
Ironically, it was the first song written and recorded at Xian, but would be the last song released.

They waited a few months and released it as a single (Good Megaphone).

It’s a year later since then, and Mrs Rage is conceptualizing doing a tour as the duo. The story continues…

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