hiimyourmom jamey blaze zigzag robinson lexis rubenis
(left to right) Zigzag Robinson, Jamey Blaze, Lexis Rubenis

It started as an allegedly Portland, Oregon born band with dress shirts and ties (very similar to the comedy central show Workaholics) who actually sprouted from two bands: The World Famous Pool Boyz and Hiimme.

hiimyourmom stairs 2.6

No one would expect the onslaught of absolute fucking video-madness:

And their first music video was highly influenced by their past fucking mini-series:

Hiimyourmom conspired to book a completely compressed month-long tour in October 2013 (31 days) , exclusively in Santa Cruz, CA.

This is what it came to be..

wolf king band hiimyourmom ottos monkey otto monkey adopted by the office tour

Many mishaps and rumors came into the public ear on the subject of Hiimyourmom’s ventures on the road. Complete train wreck, as expected. Hiimyourmom establishing their manic and dysfunctional public appearance preceded AND proceeded them after this tour. Fortunately for their own legend, much of the captured footage on this tour aided the band with ample music video material and would perpetuate their presence on youtube.

Things started getting even more hectic between band members and interviewers..

Hiimyourmom Free Board Magazine article damien gibson

Having lived with each other in the same apartment complex this whole time (and for Jamey and Lex living in the very same apartment) the band’s output for drama turned in on itself. Sooner than later, the band broke up after domestic changes, December of 2013.

After the air cleared, Jamey Blaze was no longer living near the other members of Hiimyourmom; it was a few months later that he continued the band on in the form of a new album by himself with the same sound in the very same suit and tie he had worn in the band so far..

hiimyourmom jamey blaze


Bringing in his sister, Steph Blaze as a live drummer (a role never-before played in the band)

hiimyourmom whitehouse 1

..and THEIR first music video:

The band continued to morph as months passed. When the band being regrown into a duo, the objective was to add a third member who would fill the segregated vocalist position in the band (previously filled by Zigzag Robinson)..

Upon finding this song on soundcloud through various friend circles…

Jamey and Glajio (peviously Alexa Gladgo) would write and record as a necessary form of an audition for Hiimyourmom. It would become a short album entitled, “Duran’s”

and a music video about the temporary disrobing of the dress shirt and tie to a temporary occupation change..


At this point in Hiimyourmom’s story, there are no definite clues as to what will happen.

Will there be a reunion with the initial members of Hiimyourmom? Will they go with Glajio as their new live vocalist?



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