Throw Me A Fountain Records

I am constantly google searching for the new, crazy, state-of-the-art, rave, punk, underground, resistance, movement, “best live modern rock bands”, “crazy live bands”, and I find the same shit.

One thing I know for sure: Throw Me A Fountain Records is doing something I’ve been looking for, at the very least.

Grunge-hop, electro-metal, trapunk, chiptune, electronicore of 2015


But anyway, the best death rave grindcore pop punk is here. You will die. Atleast, your boredom will completely perish as you are blasted with pure distorted low-frequency legato. (For that last description, google Vantana Row and their trapunk music)

Trapunk is post-hardcore with 808’s. Not to be confused with Crunk-Core. This is punk rock instrumentation we are talking about here. Not merely beats with distorted sounding emcees. This is the new synthpunk. Fuck glam-hiphop culture. Turn up the amps, squeeze the frets, bang tha bass, fuck the rest.

Throw Me A Fountain seems to be pretty scarce on the internet, and that’s why I am trying to help out a bit. Give them a home and such. Yeah. Haha. Lord. The one place is here:

Very covert. Even their url is skewed to prevent being discovered. They are truly scarce. We’ve gotta change this…but nah, keep it secret because only specifics need this shit anyway

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