-gma likes peanuts

-mac screen capture go animate

-take notes of cool-ass things and post episodes on vantarows website

-hang out always be yourself but don’t be selfish

-never feel obligated to sleep eight. doesn’t always work

-start a channel and do everyone’s songs

-turn Molement into a song (trapunk song)

-look up snow flake experiment, your attitude makes your life

-call and do a tour of rehearsal spot before the 1st

-additional hamper to BUY for third spot of clothes (dirty)

-steph’s tripod from mom’s on wednesday at 3pm

-instagramd for the band, vine for the times

-learn tripleparadiddles from internet watch jazz cola masters


  • her and i do harmonies. i grunge her primary melody. sometimes we match melody
  • formations / audibles: 1. harmony 2. scream groove
  • tracks she’s already recorded, i go in and harmonize or match so she doesn’t have to memorize/harmonize

-send dad dropbox court kurt drum tracks to mp3

-face app, preg test, withdraw remainder money, photoshop screen capture/ any panels video/whipped video/danny duncan alex deluna nick hall/all of them featured musicians?

-pay storage, buy water, withdraw some more, transfer from paypal

-the Newpoor drum beats are for new songs (iwriteforvantanarow) and whipped style maybe

-grandma n joe gifts slutinparadiseshirt helmetmug

-release greatest hits on iTunes etc

-blake harddrive programs this weekend

-grab video hard drive from storage

-look for joe’s helmet

-bounce forty minutes of footage every sleep period / send first episode to vevo


-$2,000 and five episodes for vevo, new album with FEVER DREAMER cover

-more rehearsals in Reno, more sites for Vantana Row, Contact Music Rehearsal in Reno regularly

-transfer up work money, keep twelve dollars on there

-always find a napkin to jot down new lyrics / song titles

-laundry,dr appoint next week at 7:30pm,4cans/1grnamp/1water = $8day

-mouthwash,new vacuum cordless

-Always bring the camera to hang outs

-Chill with Blake -Call Brion -Hang out with Dad+Mom

-Bae to do press and publication, review on our Vantana Row 2, interview about #iwriteforvantanarow


  • sep 19th Charlene’s baby shower 3pm:50 Walton Ln, Antioch, California 94509
  • sep 24th-27th zigzag robinson album (bae trimming? yeah alright)
  • sep 6th joe’s birthday
  • sep 6th party at bllakes bring hard drive with fl studio
  • sep29th 11am w/ terry
  • joe bday sep 6th
  • oct 31st mebae HALLOWEEN her ginger cat me ________? (is there a cartoon?)Garfield?
  • aug 17th buy battery + charger
  • aug 23 dad’s house round four or five
  • aug late 20’s me and dad clean hornbeck’s
  • aug 27th visit mom hospital around 2pm


  • Trapunk fakumentary slide show (“only one P in trapunk cuz we aint got time fad dat shin”
  • hiimwaterdragon lets play (animation of band music person)
  • goanimate hiimwaterdragon
  • vantana row the game (brion bot commentary)
  • ad at end for slideshow of each piece of music in the show along with ending tags
  • “wit” flashback “wit? my mouth looks like that?”
  • adr over soundless scenes
  • pip commentary over anything
  • dub over people’s boring responses or words with flip audio / matching audio quality augmented impression
  • talk more about going to reno (put in yung platinum song “gods in reno”)
  • do sequel to cat skit
  • music videos for volly volatile and past songs
  • drum in front of gatsschalks
  • del taco toys are us darth vader chairs/
  • history of me and bae in mrs. rage etc
  • live footage of vantana row
  • photoshop makeup tutorial . dl screen video recorder
  • still pic of something (person thumb up?) a clear audio clip white guy voice “You’re the best friend i ever got”


  • 808 big using the feel of side chained by cutting remainder of tracks for each hit or using vol automation via aux track
  • chaos loud guitar drums choir
  • blastbeat shred guitars screams periodic 808 on whole or whole-dotted notes
  • crust heaven sub in bae for me with choirs and possibly chip or reason synths for melody also more fl melody too, simult
  • drum machine composed of my own kit samples w/ added loops of my fills?

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