Jamey Blaze Arts Tannery Petition



We’ve been notified that our newest applicant for residency in our unit, Jamey Blaze has been halted for the following reasons, which I am more than happy to address:

There has been a primary noise  complaint (among several relating to my disc jockeying

In the past)  in congruence with the new found musical group Adam White and I have started with Jamey Blaze (Adam White, 1030-123). There was a single event that took place either September 26th or 27th in the midst of a group rehearsal beginning approximately 7:38pm – 7:42pm and ending between 9:54pm – 9:56pm.

This particular rehearsal was in higher decibels and drew out nearly to the 10:00pm noise limit. Post this event we’ve relocated these types of necessary rehearsals elsewhere in the Santa Cruz area. We’ve also lowered the threshold of sound (including my disc jockeying) in our unit ever since. We happily made amends with our surrounding neighbors.

Diane has reminded me of problems with the white van being parked over the acceptable

annual period. This van is Jamey Blaze’s van, the subject of this letter. With mine and Adam’s musical group we’ve begun as of the past few months, there have been several times we’ve kept the van overnight for safe storage of the equipment. With Jamey’s frequent commute to Antioch and Corralitos, we proposed he leave the van here periodically. This seemed like the greatest option at the time. There was a specific incident after a performance on October 1st  where we parked the van in the neighboring

spot to mine in the 1030 garage. The van was later towed and I notified Adam who notified Jamey. We have taken that as a clear sign to not repeat again and have made

amends with Jamey.

It was lastly to my surprise that the lock on our front door would at all be attributed to my

friend, Jamey. Nonetheless, I am still coming up with theories as to how the lock may have simply come off while inserting my key into it. I’ve proposed many things. My recent ‘graveyard’ schedule has made my cordial communication with the office a tad difficult for my taste. Regardless, the unit will collectively pay for it accordingly.

Diane has managed us well and my friend Jamey has blessed me with his presence as of this past year. Synthia, I know it may be less than easy to see this from afar, this musician of mine is clean cut. He is an artist of many formats. He has blessed me personally as a humanitarian. The last thing I want is for my folly to impede on him spreading his cheer to the community here. If there’s a chance left, please take it. I would love for you two to meet if the opportunity presented itself.  Kirby Scudder and others who have had the pleasure to mingle with him are now contributing to this petition.

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