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Mixing fierce guitar, delicate singing and emotionally searing barz, GRIM BZNS’ magnetic preJamey & Blaze hiimwaterdragonsence has won over audiences worldwide. Introduced to many by fronting Daniel Lanois’ Black Dub and now as a solo performer, GRIM BZNS Black Dub zebramountain-logo1jamey blaze may be a sexy weirdozebra mountain - jessica foreman cheat codes

Jamey Jean Blaze (Mr. Water Dragon) an unsuspecting soul born
in Antioch, CA in 1989. Raised by both white rocker parents
to play guitar in the heavy metal genre, he rediscovered
his mother’s Alesis drum machine at ten years old.
The passion for recording his own thoughts and his own songs
began long before playing in several bands as a guitarist,
drummer, singer, screamer and many combinations of the
aforementioned band roles. His doodling in grade school
would become the inspiration for his latter tattoos, album art,
and his street name.

Arriving on the avant-garde screamo music scene a couple years after Skrillex and I Set My Friends On Fire, GRIM BZNS made music that was bigger, shinier and more stuffed with sounds than most alt-rock competitors. Their dense, layered sound and dynamic songwriting, alternately angst-ridden and dreamy, made them a chart-topping success in the Bay-Area.

GRIM BZNS is a high energy electro/punk band from Antioch, CA (Northern California). Born in the heart of the Yay Area, GR!M B!ZNESS has quickly built a reputation for their dynamic genre arrangements and high intensity live performances. Jamey Blaze leads the band with a visible emotion and passion that stems from a desire to see everyone in the Yay Area accept the screaming art that is punk rock.


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Water Dragon. I was born 1989. That number seems to be aging. One day people will see that number and think, “Wow, how ancient.”

I don’t exactly know how to tell my story chronologically without doing some kind of bullet point system. So here it goes, the “I know” list:

I know that I was born.

I know that my parents split when I was five. After an ‘on and off’ phase of their relationship I ended up living with my mom while visiting my dad every month.

I know that my uncle Pete Pontikoff helped get me my first guitar when I was ten years old. He was the frontman of Benumb, a bay area grindcore band signed with Relapse Records for the majority of their run as a live act.

I know that my dad gave me guitar lessons evey month from when I was ten to when I was around thirteen. The first cover I learned when I was ten was “TNT” by AC/DC. I remember that my sister and I learned that together. It was my dad, my sister and I at his apartment in either Martinez or Concord. After that, my sister gave up the whole guitar thing and years later, became an awesome drummer.

I started recording a few years after I started playing guitar. I wasn’t taught how or anything. At first I just wanted to jot down my ideas, so to speak. It quickly became more and more dramatic. The recordings became real pieces. Like, unduplicatable pieces. Art.

I know that my dad was the lead guitarists in some thrash bands in the eighties and nineties, playing The Omni, The Stone, Rock On Broadway and others. I love my dad very much. He was a subtle hero of mine growing up. All my friends in elementary school couldn’t stop telling me how ‘cool’ he was. “Your dad is so cool”, “Was that your dad?! He’s so cool”. I didn’t care. But I didn’t ignore it.

I started recording a few years after I started playing guitar. I wasn’t told what to do or anything. No one was directly encouraging me to create music. I just had all these influences and all this eagerness. I wasn’t forced or even encouraged to play an instrument. It was something I witnessed for a while and at some point I know I must’ve told them something about me being interested because when my mom told me my uncle got me a present, I knew I was super stoked to see it was a guitar in a cardboard box, laying in the back of the car trunk.

They had been apart of many projects. I sat outside many-a band rehearsal when I was a toddler. I had this big box of toys to play with. I could only imagine how loud it was inside the space, ’cause it was super f-ckin’ loud outside

Narration dies:

((((((Jamey Blaze as a young adult, started producing what would be the first chapter of his discography. In his home town area, within many bands, he was producing records with different groups he was starting in
hopes to play out live. On many occassions the group would have photos taken, albums (multiple albums) finished with
completed artwork and would break up before playing a show (due to himself and his own reason for giving up on
the project).
“After Zebra Mountain I started creating a lot of new groups in that area. They would last a couple of months and I would abandon the project. At the time I couldn’t see myself living with any of those bands for long without going insane.”))))))

Water Dragon is the guy that believes in things. These things are not hard to believe. I just feel like Water Dragon is so amazing. I’m trying to think positive about myself in comparison. Maybe I need to stop comparing Zebra Mountain 2011
everyone. We are all different and equal. Jamey Blaze told me that.

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