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I’m going to do another attempt at organizing the genesis and/or peaks of my past bands by year:

*Rood Rallec / Serial Kid
*Label Me / The Polka Dot Kapris

*Think Of Wall Paint
*A Place To Mime
*Sour Map Now

*The Funeral Salads On Ice (distorted casio)
*Action Tycoon, a band started by Nathan Furtado (I played guitar with angst).

*HMOne (History Makers One was a worship band assembled by Lonnie Zuniga)

*Toured as replacement guitarist in Tragic Ends (hxc punk band touring so-cal)

*A whole lot of Zebra Mountain
*Meet Volly and make our first girly little project, Witch & The Warlock

*Morrie with the album, Bangz. You either loved or hated it. It was a “fuck it” sort of thing for me. Can’t lie, too much fun making that shit
*This Is Why I Do This was sort of HMtwo (reference to HMone) and I was living at the Zuniga’s at the time of recording, tripping back and forth between there and Tim Wilson’s (Morrie vocalist) while recording Morrie
*Mrs. Rage
*Solo project, dubbed Act10n Tyc00n

*The World Famous Pool Boyz

*I almost started The Ghetto Bicycle in L.A. with Will Jenkins on drums

*I performed out as Hiimwaterdragon (Will Jenkins on drums, I on guitar/vox).
We got to perform Ghetto Bicycle songs.

*Vantana Row (hell yes please and thank you)

jamey blaze upwork profile resume portfolio audio engineer composer oakland united states 2015 elance odesk

jamey blaze age 8 1997 christmas tree with sister stephh and step brother jeff oliver

Facts about my sorry ass:
*I was born in Antioch, California
*I was taught guitar by my dad (starting in the year 2000 at his residence in Martinez, CA)
*I thought I was going to do comedy long before I thought I was going to do music (it shows)
*I lost my virginity at 17
*I aided and filmed my friends turning Hancock Fabrics into “A Cock Fabric”
with only three rocks

By the way, I am an independent music producer. Since 2003, I write, record, perform, compose, arrange, direct, manage, mix and master 99/100 of the albums that I reference on this site. Making music is what I do. I am as much a sonic-pychological scientist as I am an artist. I’m writing this because: 1. I hate repeating myself and 2. I like helping people figure things out, especially when that thing is myself.

jamey blaze jamie blaze 2012 volly terry volly blaze help me change music forever our band vantana row has decided to funnel all of our video content self titled unscripted van sitcom band sit com rock music trapunk trap music

jamey blaze jamey jean blaze greatest hits 2004 - 2014

Legend of my roles: g=guitar, dr=drums, v=vocals, wr=writing, comp=composing, rec=recording

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