I’ll tell you of wetry
Like wetness, it is the state of mind that is wet
Flowing and fluid
Doing whatever it has to
Assuming whatever form it needs to, at any given place or time

Imagine your consciousness
Learning a philosophy while looking forward to the next
Using what you have, needing nothing more
And nothing less
You are you now
And you are alive, reading this

This thing you are reading does not exist to those who don’t read it or know about it
And this does not need to exist for those who don’t read it (know about it)
But neither does anything else
Understand: neither does anything else
Until it becomes apart of your story
Then, and only then, you address it
Now it needs a place in your mind
Even if that place is the trash
The trash bin of your mind, believe it or not
Is still a tangible place in your mind

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