How To Find Modern Angst Music In 2015

Basically, find this link and then I tell you to google: Vantana Row 2. Shit knocks. That is basically all there is to be said or written on the subject.

The long, unnecessary version of this article tells you to find the remnants of the electro/punk scene in California’s 925 area code or the punk revival scene in Philadelphia. But the modern music for thrashing, moshing, joshing, circle-pitting, two-stepping, or even hxc dancing is going to have 808 in it (or some sort of low frequency legato notes around 50 hertz). As Hip-Hop was the revolution in the 1980’s, fans of 1970’s punk in the twenty first century have adopted the previously alien Hip-Hop technology and have, in this post-apocalyptic phase of the American musical renaissance, fused it into this Road Warrior-style musical genre, almost bordering on noise-core or crunk-core. It’s essentially a blend of 2006 post-hardcore vocals with some almost Death Grips style beat aggression, and in Vantana Row 2’s case, some chiptune composition as the icing (8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System music).

A few bands that I have been listening to in 2015 that are a previously unheard sound in angsty music are:

  • The Funeral Salads On Ice
  • Vantana Row
  • The Comets On Lock
  • Sorbet But To The Other Road
  • Dead Recipe
  • Hiimyourmom
  • Think Of Wall Paint
  • Zebra Mountain

vantana row montage drums screams jamey blaze volly blaze battle of the bands 2015 electropunk trapunk mtv underground baal music muzik

And in the case that you do not know what the hell any of that means, damn, well, I don’t know what else to tell you. I’m glad that you can read. Maybe you are Amish. Maybe you haven’t put your next favorite vinyl, Vantana Row 2 on the record player and rocked the stylus in place yet. Go ahead and do that. Here’s a digital alternative:

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