Food, Sex, Pride In Strength, Most’s Core Power Source

antioch california was a place of worship in 2008 every band punk sellout vantana row.jpgThe basic needs of a doorknob. What are they?

white rapper gay band trap punk trapunk genre love eggs breakfast music vantana row.jpgWho gets the gold after no one wants it? But they will always want it. Why? Because it has so much value? Why?

van tenero  vaporwave band sounds more like an alameda punk band like gnarboots.jpgDoes Gad get a birthday? God and Gad, sitting in a tree, h-e-a-v-e-n-ly. Nice try.two gay guys question mark in a vaporwave band called vantana row.jpgGay.

the laundry laundromat band live play punk gear soap trial best music trapunk vantana row.jpgSexy.

gay-girls-in-a-band-called-vantana-row-live-in-their-van-band-vaporwave-act-tank-girl-costumeNot gay. Girls.

bowling-alley-band-live-twelve-dollars-a-night-park-in-their-van-vantana-row-2016-little-ice-rink-alameda-californiaBowling alley, back alley whores. Why?

east-ninth-9th-street-oakland-killed-sex-murder-rape-wonderful-gay-world-punk-band-vaporwave-act-vantana-rowThe truth about Satan. He’s a girl and she’s a guy.

rehearse-america-oakland-california-david-wu-musical-prodigy-for-making-a-good-album-i-love-the-guy-hes-had-sex-vantana-rowMorrissey. Is that how you spell it? Figure it out yourself, why do you have a blog if you aren’t going to look anything up? You should know it anyway. Fine. I looked it up, it’s Morrissey, I was right in the first place. Why did you say Morrissey in the first place? I was pulling random things out in desperation to quickly write anything down before giving up on this page entirely.

oakley-california-had-a-gay-scandal-with-the-mayor-having-sex-in-a-van-with-vantana-row-we-dont-know-the-mayors-name-and-will-not-be-proceeding-with-any-investigationThe truth about Dale is: he’s dead. Should I have capitalized ‘he’s’ after the colon? Should I have capitalized it within the quotes?

the-city-oakland-san-leandro-california-band-break-into-your-car-trap-punk-trapunk-vantana-rowSan Leandro, home o’ the gay.

episcopal-church-of-our-saviour-oakland-california-fornicating-in-the-streets-live-band-having-sex-vantana-row-vaporwaveThe gay.



Jesus, these guys are a band, right? Does their music even sound good enough to write this much?

that van in alameda that drives and parks park street vantana row vantara row vant ana rose van tanaro.jpgThat logo is crooked.

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