His Best Album.. That You Will Never Hear..

zigzag robinson im still a loser full album 2

Zigzag Robinson’s new album, I’m Still A Loser was tracked June 2014 in his very own home at the famous Tannery Arts Complex in Santa Cruz, CA. Produced by none other than Majorknocks and Jamey Blaze, their latest blood-sweat-tears since The World Famous Pool Boyz have been poured into this five track miracle. This album, an album Zigzag never thought he would achieve, is an electronic-hipster’s dream. Only an album filled with Zigzag’s energy and Jamey Blaze’s funnel for annoyingly catchy construction could make hipsters in the art epicenter of Northern California turn their ubero-stylish heads.

Still not released, and yet to be under Nathan Furtado’s widely received critique, Zig plans to pitch this as his first album with Empire Distribution.
It may be finished already (including Universal’s top-notchย  mixing and mastering) but there are no signs of it being heard by the general public for six months, atleast.

I know you may have thought you’d get to hear proof of Zigzag’s talent FINALLY being displayed in a way that you can cohesively enjoy, sorry. You’ll have to continue waiting. You already waited ten years. What’s another half a year?

To tempt you further, here is the album cover and track lists (with personal descriptions in parenthesis) just so you can pretend to be amazed or at least imagine while salivating at the idea of Zigzag Robinson sounding GOOD for once. Here ya go. Not to continue the disappointment or anything…

1. Put Me On Tha Island (Hard, dry, lyrically emotional plea to be rich)
2. Negative Prowess (Powerhouse MOTIV-STYLE bass track with Jamey Blaze signature nintendo, hot)
3. Kinna High (the “Hard Knock Life” of 2014, a shame if this single isn’t put out, Zig’s very best)
4. How Is It To Dance (production by Majorknocks and Jamey Blaze, emotional dance, catchy as hell)
5. Assimilated (“Bohemian Rhapsody” story-like song, political, raspy Ray Charles singing from Zag)
6. Sticka Sista (made from Zig’s beat boxing mixed with trap-ass bass, lyrics are crazy, hook clever)

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