Vantana Row : Season 4


After doing what becomes a traumatic and educational show, Vantana Row take a different approach to live performance in 2017.



Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 1
Volly and Jamey perform at Stork Club in Oakland with their new friends GNARBOOTS, two days after the Ghost Ship fire.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 2
“Why Drive By?”
Volly and Jamey perform in front of Bottom Of The Hill and Swedish American Hall with their new drive by method.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 3
Volly and Jamey begin using a code word (Michael) when conveying whether or not a given setting is worth doing a drive by performance for.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 4
“Leave This Body Pt.1”
GNARBOOTS personally serenades the owner of Stork Club with a special preacher-style chant.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 5
“Leave This Body Pt.2”
Adam from GNARBOOTS sings the same chant from Stork Club at Chapel Of The Chimes, less ironically.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 6
“Major League Drive Bys”
As the drive by pitcher for Vantana Row, Volly finds competition with the crowd in front of Slim’s during the Tiger Army show going on indoors.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 7
“Emotional Difficulties”
Volly and Jamey take the week off due to emotional diffculties.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 8
“Financial Difficulties”
Volly and Jamey take the week off due to financial diffculties.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 9
After an accusation, Volly and Jamey recognize their first manager, Frank (their stuffed panda) with a Christian-themed montage video.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 10
“Drive By DNA Lounge”
After playing an experimental set inside, Vantana Row leave to swing by the front of DNA Lounge for an encore performance.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 11
“Drive By The Warfield”
Volly and Jamey travel to the city to perform (outside) The Warfield.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 12
Volly and Jamey drive by Oakland Metro Operahouse.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 13
“Volly Makeup Tutorial”
Volly demonstrates how to recreate her scratch, scar, star makeup look.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 14
“Brief Recognition & Lyrics”
Volly and Jamey analyze a few lyrics from their new album, 4ourIVer, while taking notice to their drive by performances getting recognized and even anticipated.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 15
Volly and Jamey attempt a drive by at The Tubes in Oakland, California.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 16
“Drive By Wolf King”
Volly and Jamey find out about a Wolf King show in their area and target it for a drive by show.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 17
“Drive By Oakland”
Volly and Jamey begin Awshitour 2017, their very first drive by tour.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 18
“Drive By San Jose”
Volly and Jamey continue Awshitour 2017 down to San Jose.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 19
“Drive By Tour Shenanigans”
Along the tour, Volly and Jamey distribute covers to local grocery stores and magazine vendors.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 20
“Tour Detour in The Yoch”
Volly and Jamey get In N Out and head to The Yoch.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 21
“Rasta OG in Sactown”
Volly and Jamey watch Workaholics in Antioch and resume Awshitour 2017 up to Sacramento.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 22
“Chillin w/ Yung Daplord”
Volly and Jamey watch the conclusion of Workaholics with Yung Daplord and conclude Awshitour 2017 with Rasta OG.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 23
“Drive By Alameda Parade”
Volly, Jamey and Adam (from GNARBOOTS) participate in Alameda’s 41st Fourth Of July Parade.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : Episode 24
“Fall of Volly”
Volly, Jamey and Adam perform a two hour drive by in Alameda’s 2017 Fourth Of July Parade.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : New Years Special 1
“Rebirth of Volly”
Volly finds herself under heavy critique when a Vantana Row drive by is posted on the Instagram of Worldstarhiphop.

Vantana Row : Season 4 : New Years Special 2
“Revenge of Volly”
After reading a multitude of comments, Volly and Jamey strive to improve their approach to drive by performances.



(season 4 episode 1) “12-4-2016”
Ghost Ship (Oakland Artist collective) (website)
chapel of the chimes (oakland, CA)
gnarboots (band)
stork club (oakland, CA)
pete morris (drummer from mrs. rage)
“i’ve never tried to get an abortion in another state”
dna lounge (san francisco, ca)
4ouriver (album)
“it sux” (song)

(season 4 episode 2) “Why Drive By?”
Bottom Of The Hill (San Francisco, CA)
pistachio drums
The Quran (religious text of Islam)
Swedish American Hall (San Francisco, CA) (shirt website)
stork Club (Oakland, CA)
December 4th 2016 (worst show ever)

(season 4 episode 3) “Michael”
Black Pug Cafe (Alameda, CA)
“South Foe” (song)
Gnarboots (band)
Stork Club (Oakland, CA)
F.O.R.E.V.E.R. (unreleased album)
924 Gilman (Berkeley, CA)

(season 4 episode 4) “Leave This Body Pt.1”
mikey / michael (code word)
CODEWORD (venue in san francisco, ca)
gnarboots (band)
stork club (oakland, ca)
Tom (owner of Stork Club)
Leave This Body (gnarboots lyric)
Safe In Sound Festival
Nikko’s Family Restaurant (oakland, ca)

(season 4 episode 5) “Leave This Body Pt.2”
Musical Reflections 2016
Chapel Of The Chimes (oakland, ca)
Nikko’s Cafe (Oakland, CA)
Slim’s (San Francisco, CA)
michael (DRIVE BY code word)
4ouriver (vantana row album)
stork club (oakland, ca)
Tom (owner of Stork Club)
Leave This Body (gnarboots lyric)

(season 4 episode 6) “Major League Drive Bys”
michael (DRIVE BY code word)
Chapel Of The Chimes (Oakland, CA)
Ghost Ship (art collective)
Adam Davis (
Slim’s (San Francisco, CA)
MLDB (Major League Drive Bys)
stork club (oakland, ca)
gnarboots (band)
“Puppets Plus” (gnarboots song)

(season 4 episode 7) “Emotional Difficulties”
Volly Blaze

(season 4 episode 8) “Financial Difficulties”
Volly Blaze

(season 4 episode 9) “FRANK”
frank (stuffed panda / ex-band manager)
pooping in van (concept)
pooping in van (seldom reality)
(i swear)
first fridays (downtown oakland)
Hillsong united (great musical group)
hillsong united (mighty group)

(season 4 episode 10) “Drive By DNA Lounge”
Dna LOUNGE (san Francisco, CA)
“I’m Sensing A Protagonist” (song)
peelander-z (musical group)
“it sux” by vantana row
“summon nymphs” by vantana row
”lost Boy” by ruth b.
“call me pete pan” by hiimwaterdragon
Bubbzlove (musical artist)
gnarboots (musical group)

(season 4 episode 11) “Drive By The Warfield”
“last call” by apollothecult
Oakland County Fair
bike lane (traffic concept)
the warfield (san francisco, ca)
“sweden x” by vantana row

(season 4 episode 12) “OH MY GOD BOUNCE IT”
union machine works (oakland, ca)

(season 4 episode 13) “Volly Makeup Tutorial”
dr. bronner’s organic virgin coconut oil
elf bb cream
loreal paris true match lumi
santee waterproof liquid eyeliner
dollar store eye shadows (in general)
924 gilman (berkeley, ca)
“South World” (unreleased remix)
7-Eleven napkins
party nails (12 japanese pre-glued nails)

(season 4 episode 14) “Brief Recognition & Lyrics”
“on wednesdays I am going to make it”
924 gilman (berkeley, ca)
“Magicians are cooler than musicians”
independent brewing co. (oakland, ca)
vinyl pints rhymes (oakland, ca)
“thank them for what they will give you”
bender’s (san francisco, ca)
the yung platinum (season 1)

(season 4 episode 15) “THEY NEVER MOVED THE RV”
Grand theft auto: san andreas
The tubes (skate park in oakland,ca)
“south foe (ALSO-remix)”
Snake Plissken (movie character)

(season 4 episode 16) “Drive By Wolf King”
SPORE (game)
dna lounge (san francisco, ca)
wolf king (band)

(season 4 episode 17) “Drive By Oakland”
one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish (book)
lorde (singer/songwriter)
pure heroine (album by lorde)
vanity fair (magazine)
people (magazine)
Rolling stone (magazine)
cosmopolitan (magazine)
time (magazine)
the fireside lounge (alameda, ca)
“thank them for what they will give you”
LArry boothroyd (musician)
skinny puppy (music group)
oakland, california
“rise & shine” by damien gibson
kendrick lamar (rip)

(season 4 episode 18) “Drive By San Jose”
“juicy” by beedy bambino
san jose, california
Magic The Gathering (trading card game)
the needle drop (vlog)
john congleton and the nighty nite (band)
benumb (band)
Montgomery Theater (san jose, ca)

(season 4 episode 19) “Drive By Tour Shenanigans”
the chainsmokers (dj duo)
benumb (band)
beneath the massacre (band)
the browning (band)
in-n-out burger (union city, ca)
target (fremont, ca)
people (magazine)
julie’s (oakland, ca)
lowbrau (sacramento, ca)
midtown sacramento (california)
lucky (fremont, ca)
jack’s urban eats (sacramento, ca)
time (magazine)
volly blaze (singer)
vanity fair (magazine)
safeway (albany, ca)
awshitour 2017

(season 4 episode 20) “TOUR detour In The Yoch”
In-N-Out Burger (fast food restaurant)
The Man In The High Castle (tv series)
Goodfellas (film)
The Sex Pistols (band)
Ibanez Iceman (guitar)
Draggin’ Suzy (band)
Sicily (Mediterranean island)
Braveheart (film)
Dauntless (Divergent)
Bludger (Quidditch)
Seeker (Quiditch)
Harry Potter (fictional character)
Mean GIrls (film)
Jocks (urban dictionary)
Comedians (urban dictionary)
Keebler Elf (Keebler Foods Company)
The Yoch (Antioch, California)
Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Amp Energy (energy drink brand)
Wendy’s (fast food restaurant)
Complex Oakland (club)
awshitour 2017

(season 4 episode 21) “rasta og in SacTown”
the yoch (antioch, ca)
beneath the massacre (band)
deafheaven (band)
joey bada$$ (rapper)
joe cutter (rapper)
yung daplord (rapper)
rasta og (rapper)
hobo johnson (rapper)
sacramento, california
mitski (singer)
jeffree star (singer)
fight club (movie)
workaholics (tv series)
jeff & some aliens (tv series)
awshitour 2017

(season 4 episode 22) “Chillin w/ yung daplord

“sweden x” by vantana row
“I’m bothering me through you” by vantana row
brutha voodoo’s playlist obscura (99.8fm)
drake (actor)
ryan reynolds (actor)
rasta og (rapper)
sactown (california)
beneath the massacre (band)
yung daplord (rapper)
“the f***” by yung daplord
the yoch (california)
4ouriver (album)
workaholics (tv series)
from first to last (band)
skrillex (dj)
charlie siskel productions
gnarboots (everyone)
disney channel
7-eleven (store)
“bisabuelita” by vantana row
fall out boy (band)
taco bell (fast food chain)
“feels like vibrating” by Vantana Row
jew (woody allen)
vantana row 4 (album concept)
“I’m Digressing” by Vantana Row

(season 4 episode 23) “drive by alameda parade”
mayor’s 4th of july parade (alameda, ca)
“born in the u.s.a.” (music video)
bruce springsteen (american singer-songwriter)
vantana row 4 (album concept)
vantana row 0 (album concept)
tha carter iv (lil wayne album)
Capital Wasteland (fallout 3)
sacramento, ca (home of hobo johnson)
elder scrolls iv: oblivion
ross dress for less
adam davis (gnarboots / link 80)
“element” (music video)
kendrick lamar (american rapper-songwriter)
sylveon (pokemon #700)

(season 4 episode 24) “fall of volly”
adam davis (illustrator / manager)
mayor’s 4th of july parade (alameda, ca)
4ourIVer (album)
vantana row 0 (album concept)
elder scrolls iv: oblivion
ross dress for less
“born in the u.s.a.” (music video)
bruce springsteen (american singer-songwriter)
“element” (music video)
kendrick lamar (american rapper-songwriter)
chansey (pokemon #113)
adam davis (gnarboots / desa / link 80)
big discount tire pros
the walking dead (season 8)
ghost of the night (vijet david teng film)
katy perry (american singer-songwriter)
hulk hogan (american professional wrestler)
delanie fischer (comedian)
vic firth corpsmaster raplh hardimon drum sticks wood
shasta cola
volly blaze (apparently deceased singer)
“feels like vibrating” by vantana row

(season 4 new year special 1) “Rebirth Of Volly”
WorldStarHipHop (internet site)
Flakka (Drug)
Bang Bus (Reality Pornography Website)
Debbie Gallagher (Fictional character)
6ix9ine / Tekashi69 (American rapper)
Alameda’s 41st July Fourth parade
Adam Davis (Gnarboots)
Hulk Hogan (American professional wrestler)
Electric Light Orchestra (rock band)
Ihop (diner company)
Zigzag Robinson (American Rapper)
“Lightweight Hella Depressed” (song)
$uicideboy$ (Hip hop duo)
Tenderloin (Neighborhood in San Francisco, California)
Feminism (Political ideology)
Mayhem (Norwegian Black Metal Band)
“Sad Gank” (song by Vantana Row)
Vagina (album by Vantana Row)
“Yet Rule They Do” (song by Vantana Row)
FlaXoap (cleaning product)
“Sweden X” (song by Vantana Row)
Popeyes (Fast food restaurant company)
Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco music Venue)
SoundCloud rap
“Magicians Are Cooler Than Musicians” (song)
Shameless (American comedy series)
Danielle Bregoli (American internet personality)
Russell Brand (comedian)
“It Sux” (song by Vantana Row)
Loud Krazy Love (film)
Zyrtec D (drug)
Wiley (English MC)
“Birds N Bars” (song by wiley)
“Spotted In The San Francisco Gay Area” (song by Vantana Row)
4ourIVer aka Average White Album (album by Vantana Row)
The Regency Ballroom (San Francisco music Venue)
Chelsea Wolfe (American singer-songwriter)
Lindsay Lohan (American actress)
Robot Chicken (American comedy series)
Bassnectar (American DJ)
The Exorcist (Horror/Supernatural film)
Corona (beer)
San Francisco Bay Area (Region in California)
Swizz Beatz (American record producer)
Ric Flair (American professional wrestler)
thot (term for hoe)
Victoria Waldrip (American YouTuber)
Demi Lovato (American singer-songwriter)
Heroin (drug)

(season 4 new year special 2) “Revenge Of Volly”
#drivebyshows (live music performance)
“It Sux” (song by vantana row)
Emma Kenney (american actress)
Shameless (american comedy series)
WorldStarHipHop (internet site)
Vagina (album by vantana row)
Lamar Del Raylist (youtube playlist)
Benumb (grindcore band)
Free The Vagina Tour (vantana row 2018 driveby tour)
Daly City, CA (u.s.a.)
Pacifica, ca (u.s.a.)
Xbox 360 (microsoft console)
florence + the machine (english indie rock band)
“shake it out” (song by florence + the machine)
“gope” (song by vantana row)
frank (stuffed panda from vantana row)
btbam (american progressive metal band)
“Everyone watches someone” (song by vantana row)
gnarboots (american shock band)
ja rule (american rapper)
jacob sartorius (american singer)
4ouriver (album by vantana row)
“formation” (song by beyonce)
jessie schiewe (journalist)
beyonCe (american singer-songwriter)
“Spotted in the san francisco gay area” (song by vantana row)
chit-chat cafe (pacifica coffeehouse with water views)
electric light orchestra (rock band)
“thank them for what they will give you (live)”
“Enter the cave of the hidden music and hear the song of the earth”(song by vantana row)
bottom of the hill (san francisco music venue)
architects (british metalcore band)
“The green commandments of the blue deities” (song by vantana row)
death grips (experimental hiphop band)
ministry (american industrial metal band)
The warfield (san francisco music venue)
mc ride (american rapper /frontman of death grips)
“nightcall” (song by kavinsky)
front person (stuffed panda)
“i have two fathers” (song by gay family values)
zyrtec (drug)
“Birds N Bars” (song by wiley) (internet site)
“bisabuelita” (song by vantana row)
neolithic (album by vantana row)
eventual gratification (album by vantana row)
“born in the u.s.a. (tribute to bruce springsteen)” (song by vantana row)
“by accepting my smallness i am vast” (song by vantana row)
“in and god’s vagina” (song by vantana row)
“should i move to la?” (song by vantana row)
“nothing i would change (tribute to janice robinson)” (song by vantana row)
vagina (album by vantana row)
“gope (live)” (song by vantana row)
the chapel (san francisco music venue)
city of anti-heroes (film)
volly blaze (american actress)
vijet david teng (american director)
a$ap ferg (american rapper)
denzel curry (american rapper)
IDK (rapper aka jay idk)
big blue lesbians (song by vanessa b)
this is why i do this (american hiphop group)
@vantanarow (instagram account)
the filmore (san francisco music venue)
cradle of filth (english extreme metal band)
SFPD (san francisco police department)
Pantera (american metal band)
the legend of zelda : ocarina of time (game)
“ekans express” (song by vantana row)
“Just ur neighborhood fck boi” (song by vantana row)
n64 (game console)
the legend of zelda : majora’s mask (game)

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