I’m going to lay it down very basically, in a borderline insulting and frustratingly simple sentence: Trapunk bands are a drummer and a rapper over some beats..

Trapunk is a slang term for a subgenre deriving from rock and hip hop which always includes a live drum kit, a pre-recorded track/beat, and an emcee; both on stage and on the recordings. And that is what separates a Trapunk group from most live performance ensembles that support a rapper/emcee/solo vocalist. A Trapunk group puts out records that reflect the live sound of that exclusively live ensemble (an emcee, various tracks/samples, a drum kit and often more instrumentation)

Basically, Trapunk bands are a drummer and a rapper over some beats..

We use this term a lot as a shorthand for exactly this type of group. We are aware that there are other popular labels for this arrangement.

As far as artists that represent or have represented this genre, I will give two examples, one being this site’s shared domain user:

  • Vantana Row
  • Death Grips

Please comment anymore that I have most certainly missed.

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