Two track sequel to our 2020 live album, LIVE IN A VAN.

LIVE IN A VAN TOO is counter pronounced lih-vin-ah-van-too, highlighting the topic of living in our van on/off tour.
(This topic is brought up in detail in our upcoming music video for both Savez Water & Nomo’s Coming Back)

These two tracks are cut down, overdubbed, heavily mixed, surrealized edits of two separate live performances, captured by room digital recorder on our 2021 USA indoor/outdoor-hybrid tour (VXROW 2021 DRVBY TOUR)

The two raw versions of these recordings (without overdubs) are each available as bonus tracks too

“Upcoming music video depicts our renegade US national tour during the Fall of 2021 following Jinjer, Suicide Silence, and All Hail The Yeti. Literally following them outside of each venue on their tour for two months straight, performing from our van in the streets. We booked house shows and bars along the way through friends, but at least half of the dates were what we call drive by shows, screaming at Jinjer & Suicide Silence fans outside before each show, via our car inverter set up, as they stand waiting in line for concert entry. The music video depicts (after tour routing detours and additions) that we traveled over 10,000 miles, zigzagging across North America, with police involved on several occasion, every kind of weather difficulty, hygienic and bathroom needs all being met on the road, and directly in the vehicle. We performed indoors, outdoors, in the streets, living rooms, bars, basement, gallery, skate park, under bridge, all with acts such as THX1312, Peter Rono (of Kaonashi), Florida Man, WACKO and the likes of Blind Equation.

Spoiler is for the last show in Phoenix, AZ our vocalist was invited on stage at the Marquee Theater to perform the final breakdown of Suicide Silence’s “No Pity For a Coward”. Was a perfect way to end a tour stalking Suicide Silence, but our greatest reward from this 56 day journey is honestly that we’re still alive.” 


released April 4, 2022

Music for “Savez Water” comes from 10/29/2021 performance at Cafe Colonial, Sacramento, California, US (line up: EGO DEATH, DJ AriB, Fuschia 75, Vantana Row, Cel Genesis)

Crowd ending for “Savez Water” edited in from 11/07/2021 performance at Subterranean, Chicago, Illinois, US (line up: Hot Lettuce!, Disperser, Vantana Row, Blind Equation)

Music etc. for “Nomo’s Coming Back” comes from 10/23/2021 performance at The Kraken, Seattle, Washington, US (line up: Florida Man, Vantana Row, Flesh Produce)

experimental crust punk cybergrind experimental hip-hop live ragecore skramz-pop spazz streetpunk trap metal twinkle skramz vocoder Oakland

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