“Ice Ammahminah”

“Ice Ammahminah”

‘Yeah, we’re playing at this venue
called, The Redhouse’

Another band sounds like Attack Attack
I’m up in the Walnut Crack
Watchin my As Artifacts
I’m about to Sink This Ship
Ten dollars for this shit?!
I’m sorry for the record label’s ass
You had to kiss

He stands with his foot on the monitor
And after he brought his bucket to the video shoot
Back at redhouse, Girl asks me if I remember her, don’t
But I say, “Yeaaa”
She actually paid ten dollars just to suck my dick
Black bangs til I die, bitch

Merch in the back
Merch in the back
You wanna buy my presale tickets?

Ice ammahminah ahnanana
Now I feel it
Ice ammahminah ahnanana
I’m In The M-i-ojaves (Mojave Desert)


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