How long has Jamey Blaze been straight?

(Brace yourself, this is written in weird-hand)

I’ll admit, Jamey Blaze recently turned straight. Yes, Caitlyn Jenner was a man. Jamey Blaze was rain. What? He said that Jamey Blaze recently turned straight after five years of being completely held down by rain in it’s prime dog. Jamey Blaze is not currently rain.

morrie (band)
Lord of all hosts, when was Jamey Blaze gay? For rock and o roll’s pregnant step-mother’s sake, Jamey Blaze was called a faggot, among other things, on Youtube by fans of Asking Ale…. wait I mean Attack At….. Fans of A Sink This Ship Anchor, who changed their name to As Travis Bartifacts literally pronounced that Jamey Blaze was gay, along with all of his videos. It has been certified on the comment section of the following videos:

  • Morrie – Black Bangz Til I Die

“This is hella gay bruh.” -coolioisafoolio

  • Morrie – Scene Girls Don’t Fart..They Tweet

“you guys suck dick YOU guys sound like attack attack” -skid925

  • Morrie – Cause Ima Fxckin G

“Cause Ima Fxckin Faggot” -TheFunnyCorp

morrie (band)

So… is Jamey Blaze straight?

Is Jamey Blaze straight? Really, is he?

This is one of the greatest questions. Truly, it is one question that I have seen with my own eyes.

It has been notified on Jamey Blaze’s very own Facebook.

He made a status update, more than that, an event called

“Became Straight”

This is the only literal evidence of Jamey Blaze “Becoming Straight”

But it is SOMETHING. Something is better than NOTHING.

Thank you to all of those who contributed links and facts about this “Straight Jamey Blaze”

Have a straight day,

sincerely and straightly,

Travis Bartosek :)

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