How To Pretend God Is Racist

Facebook has crushed my face

Sex, drugs and every human race

Swirl the skin colors until it’s paste

I know someone who’d love a taste


And every clown FROM that college.

From whom do you exist?

By that, I mean, which vaginal canal did you come from… WOW YOU ARE SO VULGAR AND IMMATURE

Yes, yes now I’m done being that, okay?

It was just a phase…. The REAL me wears a flannel long sleeve and a wielded hatchet.

(haha get it? being a lumber jack hipster is…….. ALSO a phase)


When You think of God, I do.

…I also think of God.

Are you challenged, yet?


Why is it so easy to confuse you?

Um, no..?

Why are you thinking that you aren’t confused?

Because I’m not? You’re annoying

And why don’t you like me, now that I’ve written this?

Um because yuo]]-

Why do you think you have never liked me?


You don’t know me

No, I don’t that’s obvious

Why is it so easy to get you to notย like someone that you don’t even know?

Woh, well, that’s easy


jamey blaze steph stae antioch ca hiimyourmom grim bzns zebra mountain

He just a white boy from the Bronx, loving like a rapper from whom all mothers come from. When you struggle and streets brew unwanted sexual encounters, unwanted babies happen. Real, ugly. Real ugly. I am ugly for writing this.

Teletubbies is trademarked but I’m only in trouble if I spell it correctly.

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