Van Tenero ? Van Tanaro ? HowthEfUcKdoyoUSpellit?

Okay guys, I have talked about this band quite enough already. But can you really tell me who I’ve been talking about? By that I mean, you may be able to clumsily utter a blurred and misinterpreted version of the phonetics, but you can’t really know what you’re talking about until you can spell it. So, spell it. Spell them. Those. Who are they? Well. Let me take a stab at it, after I’m done dreaming of finding them and stabbing them to death, hehe hehe hehe, sorry that’s the cheesiest insult I’ve ever heard, let alone, grazed. I’m getting lazy, god, anyway…

I now introduce to you, the real spelling of….wait for it, I’m thinking….

Van Tenero!      …oo um wait…

van tenero band vantan a row band california beautiful woman singer

Vantan A Row!      ..hmm…

van tenero band vantan a row band california beautiful female vocailst

Van Tanaro!

gay homo band homophobic band van tanaro god made him do it music

Ventana Rose! …oo that looks good.

flat faced man in the gutter van tenero band

Not sure how we spell this piece-of-shit band name but at least we know that one day (hopefully soon) we won’t have to

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