Vance Anaro

One of the greatest wastes of time? Nah.

Good times. Only good vibes. No sarcasm. Vent Anaro. Van Tana Ro. Van Tanaro. Ventana Roll. Ven Tanaro. Wtvr, Gad knows…


Sad thing is, we know you were in the room. We don’t know which one of you. Doesn’t matter. We love ya. Ya. We love ya. For the game. Hold it down for the game. Ya. Tha game. Tha. Duh. Fo tha game. If I’m not looking at you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t see ya. Ya. I see ya. And sometimes, I pretend I don’t see ya. Ya. Real talk. Real type. I see ya sometimes. I see what ya do when you don’t think I see ya. But ya.

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