Read the following information while imagining a small clown.

Read the following information very quickly as though your hair is on fire.

Read the following information as if you’re dreaming and these sentences will wake you up.

Vantana Row is an American band, currently identifying as Crustwave, but really the genre naming is up to you. As a supporter of Vantana Row, a lot of things are up to you. Whether you realize it or not. We are a band that sticks close, asks you what you want, and really delivers. Our community is full of beautiful babes giving insight, coming up with concepts, recommending shows to drive thru, etc. Speaking of drive thru shows (AKA drive bys) we are always hitting the streets, playing as many shows as possible, literally on the streets.

As well as being a typical band playing in venues, we regularly play outside of venues. While concert go-ers are waiting in line, we pull up. Subwoofer blasting, drum smashing and screaming can be heard as viewers catch the gift packages that are being flung out of the Vantana Row van. This is just one of the many ways we are bringing people in our community closer… but it takes a lot. WE NEED YOU. If you like our music, if you love our drive by shows, our sitcom, our #iwriteforvantanarow program, or just wanna support two punks living in their van… Become a patron. And get even closer.

Vocals โค Volly
Drums โค Jamey

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