Organic vinyl with VXROW text

7″ Picture Disc Vinyl EP of “VXROW” by Vantana Row

33 1/3 rpm

Includes double-sided printed lyric sheet

Includes : (x3) Sicc Picks
(0.71 Celluloid Pearl : Orange)

Includes : (x1) Tourlifestyle Stick

*Stem files for remixing are emailed upon purchase for both option

(Side A)
Did Somebody Just Call It a Whole Damn Space Suit
NoMo’s Coming Back
Italian Artist Throws Invisible Molotov At Real Building
(Side B)
Computationally Bounded Adversary 98
Wholesome Looked At Me And I Could Tell She Was Channel 11 (prod. fuzzykyd)
Stray cats on speed dial, directed by Faja Y2K Overlord
Fierce-oncรฉ or Wat Tf Rhymes with Beyonce: fiance (ft. The Real Rasta OG)

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