“Not Enough David Tompson From Pacifica”
I’ve got a couple different fucking questions
Am I okay?
Am I awake?
If I live through this I will never give up
I will belong
I will embrace seeing beauty
Every occasion
I will love
This is my witching hour
I call upon my power
Earth, come unto me
Hear me, Air, I call upon you
Now my Fire, dance with me
Water love, hear me
So mote it, so mote it be

“One Hand, One Gat, Two Teeth”
Empress golden gat
Don’t gotta use it
She know she can, if she gotta
Close to the edge, but she gonna hold it
The anger in her, no more
Call them up
The way through the ocean of emotion is straight through
No, not around
The way you decide to embrace it is simply moot

“Remind Me, To Remember, To forget”
I be dodging and swiping through these streets
You can hear me loud as fuck
With my best bitch with me, you know she stay slamming hard as fuck
I just keep thinking how this world keep trying to fuck with me hard
I’m a new kinda bitch, don’t test me
Mom thinks I worship Satan
She run away from pain
There’s better ways so then I told her,
‘Ima fuckin pray for ya’
Circle with the spiders
Demons feeling better
She says she knows these demons are wrong
Some of us know better

“My Family Posing at Bottom of Human Pyramid”
Real knows real, but is it here
Looking in the mirror I can now feel the danger
She is here
Cat Magicka
Eyes of Cat
I am afraid it means me no harm
Still I want to run away
This new form should not exist on this plane
It does
Looking in my eyes I see
They aren’t me

“I Am the Lord Saddler of Giving Los Plagas”
The delicate
The eternal feeling of H20
Whatchu doing drinking coffee
Point to today
Ears to hear, things to say
Final time
Feel the weight
Lift it up
I’m awake
Things cannot stay the same
Feel this pain, now survive
Push to try
This will change my life

“Saple By The Sea”
I gotta question or be too liquory
The answer hidden
It’s just don’t fucking drink
My body’s aching
No pressure
I don’t need a drink
Gotta get over
Just another hang over the edge
For me, I can see now
I’m done with second guessing
I got one more chance
Live baby
Get it and take it now
Get it?
I’m thinking about gains soโ€ฆ
Let me live

by Vantana Row
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