by Vantana Row

“Paisley in the Streets Killed Me”

….everyone spys with their little eye…
…who has a big one…
…I have been searching for three hundred years…
…reduce that by five…
…and you are the only one…

I don’t wanna see a doctor
I know paisley in the streets
Paisley in the streets killed me and my family history
The facts are strong and I don’t have long
It’s not news but it still comes as a shock
Still comes as a shock to me

“How to Stop Thinking Everything Is Dirty”

…gotta have it…
…gotta have it…

It won’t ever get worse than this
You give me pieces of your mind
Staring into nothing
Sounds about right
I won’t be here
Three years
I wanna live on near to nothing
Fly around on thoughts
Wish that was enough
Everything is dirty
I pretend I’m not
Treat me nice cause how I look
It doesn’t matter if I’m pretty
I do not know what you’re saying
Everything is dirty

“Cliffside Bleh”

I’ll throw my life away for the moment
Waves are crashin in
Just one more cigarette
Fucked it up again
Ask me anything
Forget everything

“I’d On’t Cair”

Life is a dream
At least for me
I don’t care
I don’t care
I’m not a real person
I don’t do
What I should do
My life is just
Going no where
But when you play this song
I don’t care


There’s nothing left to live for
Except I don’t want you to cry
I keep hoping I’ll get better
But hoping doesn’t change lives
Make an effort
Wear a sweater
Pull it over all your lies
You call my phone
My phone is dead
Make an effort
I forgot

“Isn’t It What We’re Searching For?”

…and I’ll be happy when I’m gone…
…this earth is…

Take my body, cast from the sky
Give in and see who wins the last hundred years
I know it’s really more than a spell I could help
…I said you’ll be dead…
…so will I…
…isn’t that what we’re searching for?…

Isn’t it what we’re searching for?

…twelve dollars, for one ticket…

Isn’t it what we’re searching for?
Only twelve dollars a ticket

Isn’t that what we’re searching for?
Only twelve dollars a ticket

Isn’t it what we’re searching for?
I heard somewhere, recently, it’s only twelve dollars a ticket

Isn’t that what we’re searching for?
I heard it’s only twelve dollars a ticket



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