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“… It was frustrating and, I actually remember. This time recently were at, sorry, Vly and I were at a book signing for In Defense Of Ska and I was catching up with Adam, you know our GNARBOOTS friends, both of them. But I was bringing up a split concept he had brought up a few months prior. Maybe, honestly it could have been as far back as 2020 but. And honestly we’ve had split plans for years between Vantana Row and GNARBOOTS but this particular hang out it was, really, my fault for slipping in our email exchange. I can’t remember what Volly and I had been up to, probably Siccan related and live set perhaps but it’s not a worthy excuse. So, anyway I’m like, really bringing this up at least a few times at this hang out and I remember being sort of coy and using phrases like, “In the Omnigone camp” or something and, Eichlers cutely interjects with, “Omnigone camp!? I wanna go!”, which is deserved, was cute too. I had never used that phrase before (or plan to after that) and I loved immediately hearing what I consider the appropriate response to a phrase I hadn’t known for any serious use but I don’t think I responded with anything more than a smirk when I think of it now. And I just was in a space, frustrated about my own slip of this multi-year opportunity, to finally be acted on mid-quarantine. Seemed perfect. I kept on Adam a bit, which isn’t usual for me but in this case when it comes to upholding my end of an agreement or even just an agreed idea pursuit, I take that seriously. This was my last attempt at making right what I previously appeared to blow off. Man, it sucked the way that fell but. Recently Adam dropped “Collapse” one of the intended split songs. It’s honestly just great to hear it released. I love the way it came out, the layers we recorded for the hook vocals just ring so thick and even vintage. Like that crema you hear with Butch Vig guitar stacking. And they even did a video for the song. The whole thing makes me feel better in hindsight except, not to move back to negativity so soon but. I just keep thinking about how perturbed Eichlers seemed at the event when I was just trying to squeeze something relatable out. There was a time or two where him and I were one on one and I felt a flat fall to a lot of the things I was throwing out to him. I don’t know how many things or social dynamics he was trying to manage or what. Maybe he was trying to read me, in some way. Maybe he was trying to sum me!? Who knows. A lot of my thinking on this, I’ve done elsewhere. Sometimes I feel like that OHMYGOD track was inspired, “inspired” my bad, want to make that clear, by our surface to sub-level tension that day. It sucks because, I honestly hate talking. In general, since childhood. I don’t enjoy hearing myself speak, I’m not an aspiring preacher, not an outspoken political activist, not a Biafra type you can say that

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