Van band that has a crazy looking dope van music playing pulled up to 924 Gilman screaming banging drums hanging out of window hope she gets hit by a pole or wins the lottery either way she threw cds at us I listened it changed my life eventual gratification on cassette tape as well it sounded pretty good and was a pink tape looked pretty good too I think I saw a girl hanging out of a van on worldstar not too long ago as well

crust, ear rape, earrape, underground hip hop,

experimental surf rock crust crust punk cybergrind experimental hip-hop powerviolence ragecore spazz surf grunge trap metal Oakland

post-hardcore, voicebox, storytelling, R&B, 2-step,

crust, ear rape, earrape, vaportrap, vocoder, trap

hardcore, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, digital hardcore,

crust, digital hardcore, Experimental, fish & chips, chipgrind,

emo, indie rock, indie pop, post violence, hyperpop

experimental acoustic, chiptune, Chibby, chiptunes, ambient noise, soundtrack,

hyperpop, Trap Beats, bass music, crustwave, Beats.,

march, blasts, post violence, Blackgaze, avant-pop, Savant,

emotrap, emoviolence, sad, Hyperpop, drone, dramatic, mathcore, Sad Beats

crust, live, sludge, sludge., sludgecore, Blackened Crust,

avant-grind, avant-prog, experimental hip-hop, Future Bass, futurepop,

vaportrap, cybergrind, crust, electronicore, experimental hip-hop, vapor trap,

Hyperpop, d-beat, dbeat, Chop & Screw, Blackgaze, vaporwave,

ad lib, powerviolence, prog., crust, avant-grind, samples, mob,

trap, bass metal, bass music, experimental hip-hop, crustwave, Beats., screamy, crack,

Space Blackgaze, chop music, Chop & Screw, post, avant-pop, screams, screamo,

vapor trap, shoegaze, chords, organ, rhodes, Highs, Future Beats, beats, angel,

Trap Beats, Trap Ball, experimental hip-hop, fuck, chiptune, chip, nintendo music

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  1. Best duo ever!!

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